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Finn and Jean first sketch by HTTYD-MC-PL-Twilight Finn and Jean first sketch :iconhttyd-mc-pl-twilight:HTTYD-MC-PL-Twilight 2 0
Future Highschool AU (Edited English version)
“Hey nerd!”
I turned around.
“Where have you been? I was getting really worried dude!” exclaimed Jack, and with a red head he came running across the schoolyard. “I’ve been looking everywhere for you.
“Sorry, my dad told me to take Toothless for a walk.”
Nervously, I plucked at my green scarf.
“Didn’t he have the time to do that himself?”
Jack looked at me and I got weak at the knees.
“N-No, he had to do some paperwork for that stupid job of his.”
“Being mayor isn’t that bad, sitting at a desk, cutting ribbons...”
Jack shook his head gently.
“Your dad can’t complain.”
“He doesn’t. In fact, he wants me to be the next mayor when he retires and when I’m old enough.”
A little upset, I stared at my shoes and imagined I wore my father’s gigantic shoes. I quickly looked back up, reminded by myself that I had to be social for once. Jack’s icy blu
:iconhttyd-mc-pl-twilight:HTTYD-MC-PL-Twilight 9 5
Future Highschool AU (Original Dutch)
“Hé nerd!”
Ik draaide me om.
“Waar bleef je nou? Ik werd vet ongerust man!” riep Jason, en hij kwam met een rood hoofd het schoolplein opgerend. “Ik heb je overal gezocht.”
“Sorry, ik moest van mijn vader Noah nog uitlaten.”
Ik plukte wat zenuwachtig aan mijn groene sjaal.
“Had hij daar zelf geen tijd voor dan?”
Jason keek me aan en ik voelde mijn benen wat slapjes worden.
“N-Nee, hij moest nog formulieren invullen voor die stomme baan van hem.”
“Burgemeester lijkt me anders wel wat hoor, een beetje achter een bureau zitten en lintjes doorknippen...”
Jason schudde zij hoofd zachtjes.
“Je vader mag niet klagen.”
“Doet hij ook niet. Integendeel. Hij wil dat ik in zijn voetsporen treedt wanneer ik oud genoeg ben.”
Een beetje sip keek ik naar mijn schoenen en beeldde me in dat ik mijn vader’s gigantische stappers aan had. Ik keek toen snel weer omhoog, herinnerend dat ik e
:iconhttyd-mc-pl-twilight:HTTYD-MC-PL-Twilight 2 4
HiJack March Day 11.
“Yes Jack?”
“Why are you still with me?”
Hiccup, who was reading a book while Jack laid on the couch on his side and rested his head on Hiccup’s lap, looked down at him. He frowned at the question.
“Why am I... Jack, what? Because I love you, of course.”
“But why didn’t you leave me?” Jack mumbled.
“Because,” Hiccup put his book away, “I love you more than anything. Why would I want to leave you?”
“Because I’m sick, that’s why!” Jack suddenly yelled.
He jumped up to storm out of the room, but he collapsed halfway through the room. Luckily, the living room of the Haddocks had a carpet floor, so he didn’t really hurt himself. Weakly, he sat on the ground and pulled up his knees on which he laid down his head and he held his arms around his legs. Hiccup cursed and hurried to sit beside Jack. Carefully, he embraced the other.
“That’s not
:iconhttyd-mc-pl-twilight:HTTYD-MC-PL-Twilight 17 16
HiJack March Day 10.
“No! How could they lose?!” Hiccup yelled at the T.V screen.
“Ha! In your face Freckles! I told you The Guardians would win!”
It was a warm summer evening, and Jack and Hiccup were watching a baseball game. It was a really intense match, and it was the last one of the season.
Hiccup glared at Jack.
“Shut up, The Hooligans should’ve won.”
“Aww, don’t be a sore loser. Besides,” Jack said casually, “The Hooligans won last game.”
“I’m not a sore loser, I’m just stating facts here.”
“Oh yeah? Not a sore loser?” Jack laughed.
“You would’ve been a worse loser than me if The Guardians lost!”
“But they didn’t.” Jack smiled smugly.
Hiccup crossed his arms and looked away.
“Hiccup, come on, it’s just a game.”
No answer.
“Why are you mad at me?”
“I’m not mad at you.”
“Prove it.” the white-h
:iconhttyd-mc-pl-twilight:HTTYD-MC-PL-Twilight 12 10
HiJack March Day 9. by HTTYD-MC-PL-Twilight HiJack March Day 9. :iconhttyd-mc-pl-twilight:HTTYD-MC-PL-Twilight 4 27
HiJack March Day 8
It’s not that Hiccup hated his job at the toy-store, but it was getting really boring. Almost each day was the same as the day before: Stocking shelves, which was difficult because hoards of little children got in the way. After he was done, he took over the cash register.
Today was going to be different.
His day had started normally. He placed some toys and stuffed animals on the right place. He was pretty content since it was merchandise from his favorite movie. He held a black dragon plushy and smiled. “Toothless” was written on the name tag attached to one of the dragon’s ears. He adored the movie and it’s characters. He even named his cat after the Night Fury. Reluctantly he put the dragon down on the shelf and moved over to the counter.
Slowly but surely, the store filled with people. Kids with their parents, elder people and some teenagers who headed towards the game section. While checking out multiple items, he never lost sight of the shelf that c
:iconhttyd-mc-pl-twilight:HTTYD-MC-PL-Twilight 14 11
HiJack March Day 7
“The baby kicked.” Hiccup said softly.
He smiled as Jack jumped up from the couch and walked towards him.
“Really?” the other asked in amazement.
Hiccup nodded. He held Jack’s hand and brought it to his belly. The baby kicked again and Jack laughed unbelievably.
“That’s... That’s amazing.”
Hiccup laughed and laid his hands on Jack’s still positioned on his tummy.
“Do you think the little one can hear us?” Jack questioned curiously.
“I don’t know, I think it’s possible.”
“Then I want to say that I love you, little blessing.”
Hiccup smiled heartily. Jack moved over to stand behind Hiccup and embraced him. He laid his head on his shoulder.
“How are we gonna tell everyone?”
“Well, are we going to tell anyone?”
“I think we should. I mean, you can’t hide your baby-bump anymore.”
Hiccup sighed. “Yeah, It’s pretty obvious, isn&
:iconhttyd-mc-pl-twilight:HTTYD-MC-PL-Twilight 8 14
HiJack March Day 6
“Why won’t they let us adopt?! Is it because we’re gay?!” Hiccup cried.
He was so fucking mad. Again the couple got told ‘no’. They were trying for over two years now, and it was very tiring. Jack walked over to Hiccup and held him in his arms.
“I’m sure they have a better reason than that.”
“Yeah, right.” Hiccup scoffed. “It’s just so hard, y’know.” he sniffled. He laid his head against the taller man’s shoulder and sobbed. “At this rate we’ll never have a kid...”
“We don’t know, Hiccup. We can’t see the future.”
“But what if we’ll never-”
“Hiccup, listen to me. Whatever happens, happens. Life’s just not fair sometimes.” his voice cracked. “But that doesn’t mean we’re not gonna fight for it.”
“...You’re right...”
After being kissed gently, he snuggled
:iconhttyd-mc-pl-twilight:HTTYD-MC-PL-Twilight 8 10
Mature content
HiJack March Day 5 :iconhttyd-mc-pl-twilight:HTTYD-MC-PL-Twilight 10 2
HiJack March Day 4
“When I die, I want to be cremated in these clothes.”
Hiccup’s words echoed through Jack’s head. He froze. On Hiccup’s bed in front of him, laid his boyfriend’s favorite green shirt, dark green jeans and a brown vest. Oh no...
“Hiccup... No!”
Jack panicked and searched the room for a clue of where the other could be, only to find a letter tucked in one of the back-pockets of the forest green jeans. He’d hidden it there on purpose, of course... With shaking hands, Jack unfolded the piece of paper and read it.
First of all I want to thank you for all the amazing times we had together.
Secondly, I want you to know that you couldn’t do anything about my situation. It’s not your fault.
I know you’re going to look for me, but please, please don’t. I don’t want you to see me when I’m lying on the ground, it would haunt you for eternity.
I know that this is terrifying, bu
:iconhttyd-mc-pl-twilight:HTTYD-MC-PL-Twilight 10 21
HiJack March Day 3
"I'd tap that."
Hiccup, who was bent forward to pick up something that he dropped, straightened himself and turned around.
“Excuse me?”
Jack smirked. “You heard me. I’d tap that.”
Hiccup squinted his eyes. He knew what Jack was talking about, but he wanted to be extra super sure. “Tap what?” he asked carefully.
“That sweet booty of yours, what else?” Jack laughed, as he gestured confidently.
“You just gestured to all of me, not just my butt.” he said smugly, crossing his arms, a smirk to his lips.
“See, that is why I like you.”
“So it’s official now?”
“If you kiss as good as you make sarcastic comments or if it’s just as amazing as your sass, then, yes.” Jack grinned. ”And no, I did not intend to rhyme, before you say anything about that!”
Hiccup laughed.
“Hey freckles.”
Jack held his arms out as invitatio
:iconhttyd-mc-pl-twilight:HTTYD-MC-PL-Twilight 15 2
HiJack March Day 2 by HTTYD-MC-PL-Twilight HiJack March Day 2 :iconhttyd-mc-pl-twilight:HTTYD-MC-PL-Twilight 9 0
HiJack March Day 1
"Happy birthday!" Jack hugged his boyfriend and kissed his freckled forehead.
Hiccup placed a soft kiss on Jack's lips. "Thank you."
They heard something being shoved into the mailbox. Hiccup pulled back.
"Be right back." he said and he headed to the hallway.
“Hiccup?” Jack held his boyfriend’s wrist and tugged at it so the other turned around.
“Yeah?” Hiccup asked with a smile. “What is it, Jack?”
“Well...” He held both of Hiccup’s hands and looked him in the eye. “Hiccup, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. I don’t know what I would be without you. I love you so much... And...” he got down on one knee. “We’ve been together for over three years now, so...”
Hiccup’s eyes widened and his breath hitched. Was this really happening? Jack pulled a small box out of his pocket and opened it carefully.
“Will you marry me?”
Hiccup smiled and tears of joy formed i
:iconhttyd-mc-pl-twilight:HTTYD-MC-PL-Twilight 18 12
No Oscar? We'll get it in 2018! by HTTYD-MC-PL-Twilight No Oscar? We'll get it in 2018! :iconhttyd-mc-pl-twilight:HTTYD-MC-PL-Twilight 6 4
You got it on backwards.
“I’m not an expert, but I think you’ve got it on backwards.”
Hiccup gave Jack an confused look. “What do you mean, I got it on backwa-”
He looked down at his shirt and saw the tag hanging out in front. “Oh.”
The younger teen blushed and tugged at his collar. “Do you mind?” he asked Jack.
Jack grinned. “No.”
Hiccup scoffed and turned around to try and fix his shirt. He got caught in the fabric after just a few seconds. He heard Jack laughing and coming up from behind. His voice sounded nearby.
“Need a little help?”
Hiccup felt Jack’s cold fingers run up the sides of his torso and shivered.
His breath caught in his throat. “N-No, I’m fine...”
Jack chuckled. “Hm, I don’t think so...”
He pulled the green shirt over Hiccup’s head, who rapidly turned around. The taller one of the two looked Hiccup up and down, humming approvingly. Hiccup flushed a deep red. Neve
:iconhttyd-mc-pl-twilight:HTTYD-MC-PL-Twilight 15 9


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